Monday, January 18, 2010

Today is the day

When I think about losing weight, it feels like there's just so much I need to change that it feels impossible. I know I need to focus on making small changes. I've said I've been lacking motivation and lately every day I've been telling myself that tomorrow I'll start eating better and doing some exercise. Every day I've been pigging out and doing as little exercise as possible. My goal for today is to not to pig out. I need to stop doing things that are only making me gain weight.

I found this post on Jack Fit's blog and I find it very motivating:

"This is your day. You’ve got 86,400 seconds to work with and I’d like to encourage you to spend at least a few thousand of them working to make this weight-loss journey you’re on a success.
Yesterday may not have been your best day, but yesterday is dead and gone. Yesterday’s a fading memory, a train that’s long since left the station, a house that’s been boarded up and abandoned.
Today is what’s ahead of you, and it’s a day full of promise and possibility.
You can make a positive and lasting change in your life and you can start today. All it takes is attention to the smallest of details. All it takes is being mindful about what you put in your mouth, being attentive to your body’s deep yearning to move. There never seems to be a good time to start, but I say that today’s as good a day as any. Today’s your day to start making your life better."

I've been telling myself for so long that tomorrow I'll start being better.

Today is going to be a good day.

(I've even prepared this blog entry ahead of time to ensure I don't backtrack on what I've just written).

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